Johnny Robbins

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Johnny Robbins (DOD: 6/21/1991)

Johnny Robbins had just turned 16 when he passed away from a peanut allergy.  It was June 20, 1991 in Miamisburg, OH.   His girlfriend and her mom picked him up that day but, before they came over, they had stopped for egg rolls.   They gave him one in the car.  Immediately, he started having trouble breathing and vomiting.  They tried to get him home instead of stopping for help.  He turn blue and fell over in the car about 2 blocks from his family home.  The girlfriend's mom thought he might have the flu.  They stopped at a garage sale and there a woman gave Johnny CPR and called 911.   Johnny's mom was at work at the time but came home just a few minutes after they had taken him away by ambulance.  People were standing on the street.  His mom was told to go to the hospital.  She  did not know what was going on.   Johnny was in the ICU 'with tubes running all over his body and on a heart monitor'.   Twenty three hours later, the doctors told his mom 'he was brain dead, to go prepare his funeral arrangements'.

His mom reports, 'I called the restaurant where the egg rolls were made and they said they put creamy peanut butter in their egg rolls. Back then they didn't have any warnings on food or anything to save their life, it just took a few minutes, (5 minutes) for oxygen to stop going to his brain.' 

When he was 5 years old, the family went to a wedding.  At the reception they had peanuts in a candy dish.  He ate a couple and his 'eyes swelled almost together and he couldn't hardly breath'.  At the hospital,  'they gave him a shot right away'.  He couldn't stand to even smell peanut butter, he would start to get sick.

He had asthma from around 12 months old.   He used an inhaler.   When he was very young, he would have to go to the hospital for breathing treatments.  He missed a lot of school due to asthma.

He was taking allergy shots for environmental allergies as the time of his death.  His mom remembers being advised to manage his environmental allergies first and then they would manage his food allergy.  He was not prescribed an epinephrine auto-injector.


From His Mom

He was such a sweet and caring person, he loved life and had so many hopes and dreams.   Just a week before he passed, he had said how he wanted to go to college, get a new car.  He had such a good heart.   He had stopped by and seen a homeless man and went and got him a hamburger and gave it to him.   I remember when he was only 15, he didn't have any money to buy me anything for Mother's Day.  He had seen where there was a free gift of a microwave  bowl if you opened a credit card account, so he did, and brought me home the bowl for Mother's Day.  He was so caring and had a heart of gold.  So many good things he would do.   Above is a picture of his car.  He only got to drive it for 3 months.  The other photo is his last birthday - 16th -  he died 3 months later.

He is missed dearly.