David Tomseth

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David Tomseth (DOD: 2/28/2016)

David Tomseth was 30 years old when he died of his allergy to peanuts.  On the night of his fatal reaction, he was in a bar, with about 15-20 friends, when he went to get a drink.  About 20 minutes later, he reported he was not feeling well.  He went outside and quickly decompensated.  He did not have his epinephrine auto-injector on him.  911 was called, EMS arrived, epinephrine was given, but he did not survive.  He was pronounced dead in the Emergency Room of OHSU.   David's Certificate of Death states cause as being 'Systemic Anaphylaxis probably due to peanut ingestion'.  

Per his sister, he was diagnosed with a peanut allergy in 2nd or 3rd grade after having an allergic reaction during a school Halloween party.   He had consumed a snicker bar (peanut containing candy bar).  His mom was called as he was feeling sick.  When his mom arrived at school, he was no longer to be found in the classroom.  He was 'found in the bathroom vomiting and gasping for breath'.  He was subsequently rushed to the emergency room, where he was treated for anaphylaxis. 

He also had allergic rhinitis and asthma.   He took allergy immunotherapy (allergy shots) for years. His asthma was not well controlled.

He had been a fussy baby - colicky.  There seemed to be a correlation between his nursing, his mother's diet and his fussiness.  When very little, he had projectile vomiting and a facial rash with dairy consumption.  He grew to tolerate dairy in limited amounts.  He was also sensitized to egg but could consume it.  His sister reported that their mother spent a lot of time 'keeping him alive' when he was young. 

In his passing, his tissues were donated with over 8 recipients to date.